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Gallery Folders

Brussels Royal Palace and Garden by Lissou-photography
Brussels King's House - front by Lissou-photography
War Memorial by Lissou-photography
Brussels Royal Place by Lissou-photography
Pre-Roman History before 57 BC
Germanic settlement 1000 BC - 100 BC by Arminius1871
Map of Hallstatt and La Tene expansion by YamaLama1986
Ambriorix by SkaldicArts
Ambiorix by VoteDave
Gallia Belgica Germania Inferior 57 BC - 5th
The barbarian migrations, AD 358 - 568 by Undevicesimus
The Roman Empire, AD 395 by Undevicesimus
The Roman Empire, AD 125 by Undevicesimus
The end of the Western Roman Empire, AD 476 by Undevicesimus
Francia 5th - 9th century
Post roman states and tribes in the 6th century by Arminius1871
Viking, Magyar and Saracen invasions, 793 - 1000 by Undevicesimus
The Frankish Empire under the Carolingians to 814  by Undevicesimus
Frankish Warrior by SkaldicArts
Holy Roman Empire 9th century - 1384
German history part 2 by Arminius1871
Frisian and Old Saxonian by Arminius1871
Europe, 1000 - The High Middle Ages by Undevicesimus
winter hunting by Antalika
Burgundian era 1384-1482
Armes Bourgogne by J-LE7
Silent Watch by Syltorian
The Dark Site of the Castle by Syltorian
Befort Castle, the Palas by Syltorian
Habsburg Netherlands 1482-1581
Engelbrecht van der Vorst by T1sup
St. John's Cathedral by Snowflaky
The Sea Beggar by W1TS
Do you know Flanders? by davidfriedrich
Dutch Republic - Southern Netherlands
Netherlands 1648 by DutchmansMaps
Revised Netherlands 1648 by DutchmansMaps
[DIGI] The Netherlands in 1648 [Capitals] by DutchmansMaps
[DIGI] The Netherlands in 1648 [Full] by DutchmansMaps
French Occupation 1795-1815
Den Helder Defense Line / Stelling van Den Helder by HistoryDraft
June 18th 1815 by Pelycosaur24
Batavian Republic ~ Grunge Flag (1796 - 1806) by Undevicesimus
Huis Doorn - closer view- by Arminius1871
United Kingdom of the Netherlands 1815-1830
Luxemburg by Kristo1594
greater coat of arms_Lux by 7argool
1815 Waterloo battle by April-Mo
Waterloo, June 18th, 1815 by April-Mo
Amsterdam Defense Line / De Stelling van Amsterdam by HistoryDraft
World War I 1914-1918
Sazonov Plan (Russian Empire) by Diamond1995
Interbellum 1918-1940
1939 blank world map by Robo-Diglet
World War II 1940-1945
Blank Map of The BeNeLux by TheKo9IsAlive
Modern history - after 1945
Luxembourg defined by TrevLafoe
Alternate history
Deitsches Reik - Illustrator Tutorial - by Arminius1871
Original Anthropomorphic Representations
I've added a new folder called "Original Anthropomorphic Representations", with the intention to separate them from deviations that document actual historical objects and people. So, the new folder contains pictures and drawings that represent the BeNeLux countries in a human form that are made by artists active on this site. Such drawings have been in our collection for quite some time, but they always looked rather out of place, as most submitted deviations document rather than "transform" information from the past.

So, to clarify, a Hetalia fanart of Belgium during the Spanish era would belong in the new folder, but a WWI postcard representing Belgium would still belong in the WWI folder. Same goes for  Polandball or Countryball comics featuring Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg balls should also be added to this folder.

Naturally, the main criterium for inclusion is the historical content of the artwork.
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Lissou-photography Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the requests! :D
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You're welcome, your pictures are quite stunning!
YamaLama1986 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016   Digital Artist
Have written this journal to help foster the growth of crucial history groups on countries that have been very important in history: Need for crucial history groups
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Thank you so much more again to take some other pictures from my gallery! I'm all red :blush:
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Thank you for putting my picture in your group :D 
I'm very flattered !
HeerSander Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
It was a nice picture, and depicted a part of Benelux history; any other future pictures featuring historical themes from the Low Countries will be more than welcome in the future :)
stepheesmq Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
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I don't know what to say! I'm just all red right now, and so glad that you liked some of my pictures! Can't wait to show you some other historical monuments!
HeerSander Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
Always glad to see some nice pictures of historical buildings :)
Wolfang11 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013
Bedankt voor de request!
HeerSander Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013
Geen probleem, alles wat te maken heeft met de geschiedenis van de Lage Landen is meer dan welkom! :)
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